Alice Hart's Commercial Food Styling DEMO Reel

Herbalife Nutritional Carrot Raspberry Shake. Food and Beverage styled by Alice Hart, Food For Film® / Food For Film Stylists®
Herbalife Nutritional Green Go-Getter Shake. Food and Beverage Styled by Alice Hart, Food For Film® / Food For Film Stylists®

Kingsford Charcoal BBQ-The Social Grill Commercial

Bushes Baked Grillin Beans Commercial

McDonald's France/UK


Burger King

Coca-Cola with celebrity, Salma Hayek


Pet Food Styling for Fancy Feast Japan 

Here is a sneak peek to an all new Episode of "Loungin With Tony Behind The Scenes" In this episode we take you behind the scenes of Food Stylist Alice Hart owner of Food For Film Stylists. Explore the world of a Food Stylist as Alice shows us what he it takes to make food look amazing for commercials and advertisments.

Host Tony Moore sits down with Food Stylist Alice Hart to get an inside look into food styling.


Alice M. Hart, Renowned Food Stylist Expert, Owner of Food For Film Stylists® judges TV Food Network Challenge episodes Superstar Food Stylists & Food Magicians.