“Wonderful job, Alice your styling is impeccable! You were an excellent TV Food Network Challenge Judge!”

–Kerry Vincent, Master Sugar Artist. Cake Designer, Author

Dir. Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, TV Food Network "Challenge" Resident Judge


“Creating an advertising photo requires teamwork and skills to think outside the box. Alice, your styling expertise, perseverance and “can do anything” attitude lead the team throughout the day and proved once again we can achieve what is dreamed.”

–PatriciaBolek Bovee

Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.


“Pour sa passion del la cuisine et du beau travail bien fait en tant que grande artiste et styliste culinaire.”

–Joel Robuchon, Chef


“As a styling newbie, I had the amazing good fortune to meet Alice Hart at a conference in the summer of 2009 and begged to become her student. Despite my primitive portfolio, she generously took me on and has served as my styling guru and tutelary spirit ever since.  I have benefitted in immeasurable ways from Alice’s vast experience and encyclopedic knowledge. Alice worked her magic on me and I am forever in her debt.”

–Deborah Chud, MD

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